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Ashira delivers keynotes and presentations that drive change and challenge the status quo.

Presentations and workshops are designed to encourage participants to think differently about generational challenges in the workplace, learn how to work better across generations, and improve employee engagement, communication, and retention. 


Ashira has worked with organizations across multiple industries ranging from Fortune 500 companies to family owned businesses including Samsung, DHL, NYPD, and Columbia University. She is a regular contributor for Forbes and has been featured in Business Insider, Inc, The Telegraph, Fast Company, Glassdoor, and other industry publications.


keynotes, presentations, & workshops










speaking engagements


 JAN 15     Morris County SHRMLeading Across Generations | Florham Park, NJ

   FEB 6     YPOGenerations In The Workplace | Los Angeles, CA

  MAR 9     International Restaurant ShowGet To Know Gen Z & Millennials | New York, NY

 MAR 31    International Pizza ExpoManaging Gen Z & Millennials | Las Vegas, NV


   JAN 1     Cheddar Live - Millennials & Careers - New York, NY

  FEB 21     Further & Further - Generation Z Insights | New York, NY

  MAR 6     International Pizza Expo - Managing Millennials | Las Vegas, NV

MAR 12     NYPD Executive Conference - Giving and Receiving Feedback - New York, NY

   APR 9     German American Chamber of Commerce - Managing A Multi-Generational Workforce | New York, NY

 APR 27     Bossed Up Bootcamp - Negotiation Workshop | New York, NY

  JUN 4      IPMA HR Eastern Region Conference - Managing A Multi-Generational Workforce | Plymouth, MA

JUN 27      Leadership Global Summit - Millennials & Gen Z - Next Generation Leadership | Bologna, Italy

  OCT 8      ESSAE Fall Conference - Understanding Millennials & Gen Z | Saratoga Springs, NY

 OCT 21     Ambition In Motion - Millennial Careers Q&A | Online Webinar

NOV 14     Women|Future Conference - Ageism in Diversity & Inclusion | New York, NY

   DEC 4     Future Work Live - Gen Z - What To Expect From The Future Workforce | New York, NY 

 DEC 10     Future of Work Executive Dinner - Shifting Employee Demographics | New York, NY 


1/19     Hustle Summit - Career Mentoring | New York, NY

  2/8     Female Founders Club - Women Entrepreneur Talks Panelist | New York, NY

2/28     The Financial Gym - Taking Charge of Your Career | New York, NY

  3/3     C Partner Generational Insights - Understanding Generation Z | Barcelona, Spain

  4/1     Columbia University Lean In Conference - Breaking Down Stereotypes | New York, NY

4/23     Hofstra University - Breaking Free From The Millennial Myth | Long Island, NY

4/28     Bossed Up Bootcamp - Negotiation: Know Your Worth | New York, NY

5/22     WE Talks - Pitching Across Generations | New York, NY

  9/6     AA-ISP Digital Sales World - Making The Most of Your Multi-Generational Workforce | Boston, MA

9/22     Millennials Now Conference - Millennial Leadership | New York, NY

9/30     TemPositions HR Roundtable - Making The Most of Your Multi-Generational Workforce | New York, NY

11/8     HL Law Leadership Development Conference - Bridging The Generational Gap | Washington, DC

12/6     Stretch Leadership & Management Conference - Multi-Generational Leadership | Budapest, Hungary

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